Tips for Cleaning Your Gas Fireplace

We’ve got the tips you’re looking for to ensure your gas fireplace looks great all year long, no matter the weather or season. Check them out below, then explore our website to learn about all of the things that Modern Gas Company can do for you!

Clean The Glass

If your fireplace glass is looking a bit drab, then you’re probably aware it needs to be scrubbed down. Unfortunately, your basic glass cleaner won’t do the job when it comes to your fireplace. In fact, anything ammonia-based could lead to some disastrous and unsightly results. You’ll need to find a cleaner that’s meant specifically for this type of job, along with an appropriate towel. Paper towels or scrubbing pads are not recommended and could damage the glass.

Always remember to make sure the glass is completely cooled before attempting to clean it. Neglecting this step could result in serious injury, and we want our customers to stay as safe as possible through anything! Need help? Give us a call today.

Take Out The Vacuum

You can use your personal vacuum, along with its attachments, to clean up any excess debris in and around the fireplace and its venting units. That being said, just stick to the basics. When it comes to disassembling your unit, this should always be left to a professional. Incorrect installation can lead to dangerous issues down the line and could cause your appliance to function much less efficiently.

Check Your Gas Logs

Checking to ensure your gas logs are appropriately placed from time to time is never a bad idea. This step gives you peace of mind, knowing everything will look great and work as efficiently as possible at all times! Wanting to change up your look? Ask us about our wide range of decorating options today!

Trust Us For Gas Appliance Installation And Services

You may already know that the crew at Modern Gas is qualified to install your gas appliances, but did you know that we provide additional services, too? Once you’re up and running, be sure to count on us for any necessary repairs or service work down the line. Keeping your unit in top-notch condition year after year doesn’t have to be a challenge. When you work with us, you can rest easy knowing you’re in the best hands possible!