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Is Your Outdoor Space Ready For Spring?

With warm weather finally upon us, it’s time to put together your spring cleaning checklist! For most homeowners, this includes getting your front and back yards prepped and ready for all kinds of gatherings and get togethers. Whether you are hosting an event, throwing a small barbecue party, or just relaxing with a few close friends, a well-designed outdoor area can set the perfect aesthetic.

If you’re looking at broken down furniture, big patches of mud, and empty spaces that need to be filled, count on the team at Modern Gas Company to set you up right!

Invest In A Firepit

Firepits add the perfect touch to any yard. Whether you’ve got a lot of space to work with, a small area to renovate, or something in between, we are certain we can find a firepit that meets your needs! We have larger models in various shapes and sizes or we have small tabletop types that can be easily placed on any outdoor table or shelf.

There are lots of reasons people invest in firepits. For one, they are great for heating up your outdoor space, cooking plenty of good food, or creating some ambiant lighting. Have a specific design in mind? We’re sure we have something that will satisfy you, and we carry a wide range of accessories, lava rocks, glass pieces, burner covers, and more. Stop by our showroom today!

Need New Patio Furniture?

At Modern Gas Company, we carry various types of patio furniture from wicker to poly-recycled and aluminum. If you’re looking for something to match your current decor, we’re sure we can find something great for you or, if you want to completely shake up your look and atmosphere, we can help with that, too. Shopping for furniture is now easier than ever when you work with our team of experts!

Make Heating And Cooling a Breeze!

Finding that perfect temperature range isn’t always an easy job. If it’s the big day of your party and the weather isn’t cooperating with your plans – never fear! It doesn’t matter if it’s sunny and sweltering or a bit chillier than expected… our heating and cooling systems can meet your every need! These state-of-the-art appliances can help you out no matter how big or small your yard space is. Order yours today!

Anything Else?

Between pergolas, yeti coolers, spas, hot tubs, and custom-built grills and accessories, we have everything needed to give you the backyard space you’ve been dreaming about. Now that spring is here, there is no excuse to put it off any longer! Count on our qualified and experienced team to assist you right away. You’ll be ready to go in no time!

Grill With The Big Green Egg This Summer

With Memorial Day behind us and warm weather upon us, many are getting excited for endless hours of outdoor fun. If you want to make your next barbecue as top notch as possible, finding the right grill for your needs is important. Consider what type of grilling you want to do and what accessories you find to be essential before making a purchase. There are many factors to look into, so doing adequate research will help you a lot in the long run.

Despite doing careful hunting, many still find themselves struggling to make a decision on what grill is right for them. If this sounds like you, then consider purchasing the Big Green Egg from Modern Gas. With this grill, you have countless options as far as what you can cook and how you want to cook it.

Grill, Smoke, or BakeGrill With The Big Green Egg This Summer - Albany GA - Modern Gas

Grilling is a go-to for most, but smoking is a great option for those who have the time. Whichever options sounds best for you, the Big Green Egg will work to fill your needs. You can use it to slow cook for hours on end, ensuring that your meat is filled with savory flavor for your next outdoor party. Otherwise, easily throw some burgers, brats, steaks, or your choice of meat on for a quicker, and equally tasty, meal option.

If smoking or grilling your meal does not sound good for supper, then the Big Green Egg has more options for you. This unit can be used to bake, as well. Nothing beats the flavor gained when you use a grill for baking your casseroles, pizzas, or even your desserts.

Ease Of Use

The best part about the Big Green Egg is how easy it is to use. No matter which cooking option you choose, this unit has easy to control temperature levels, meaning you can monitor whatever you are cooking with little effort. This gives you more opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy your outdoor gathering to the fullest, with no worry of your items cooking incorrectly.

There is also ease of use when it comes to lighting these grills up. Have you ever spent too much time trying to fire up your grill with no success? These grills are built so that lighting the charcoal is easy to do and will not take up your entire night. On top of this, the Big Green Egg has little grease accumulation, due to the high temperatures used. When your grill heats up, it burns off any excess build-up you may gain from the meat, meaning very little clean-up is needed.

At Modern Gas, we have all of the grills, tools, and accessories you’ll need to make your next grill-out a great one. Stop on by or give us a call today!

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