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Grill Cleaning Tips

Hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, and more… whatever you like to grill, you need an appliance that can get the job done right! At Modern Gas, we have all types of grills – whatever fuel-type, size, or style you prefer, we can hook you up. You’ll be ready for summer in no time!

But what good is a grill if it’s covered in old food, grease, and grime? A few good cleanings a year should do the trick, but if you use your grill a lot upping that number never hurts! Here are some tips for getting your grill looking clean, shiny, and ready for your next grill-out.

Start With The Grate

When you first begin cleaning, you’ll want to get off as much stuck-on food and grease as possible from your grill grate. Use a grill brush to really give it a good scrub, then take it out and scrub the other side, as well. And don’t forget about the metal scraper! This comes in handy when something is really sticking…

Take It Apart

Next, disassemble your grill to make sure you’re reaching every nook and cranny. Gas grills will have burner protectors that tend to get pretty messy. Any food or sauces that drip down hit these pieces first, so they often get the worst of it. Luckily, they can be easily removed and washed with a sponge in warm, soapy water to get off all that residue.

You should be able to remove the burners, themselves, too. You wouldn’t want your burners to get clogged, so getting off any excess dirt and grime is important. Wash them down just like you washed your burner protectors, and they will be like new again in no time!

Then, remove any plates at the bottom of the grill. These areas catch a lot of build-up, so they may be a bit more challenging to clean. Get as much debris as you can out. Use your sponge and grill brush to really scrape the stuck-on pieces. With a little time and effort you can make a big difference!

All that’s left to do now is reassemble, then enjoy your grill to the fullest!

Need Help?

If your grill is in need of more than just a good cleaning, we can help! Our experts can take a look and advise you on whatever repairs and replacement parts you may need. If too much rust has occurred or if you’re seeing holes form throughout the appliance, then it’s time to stop in and purchase new parts from Modern Gas.

If your grill is in fine shape, but you’re just not up for cleaning it yourself, we can help you out there, too! We will happily clean any grill you bring our way, so that you are ready to go all summer long – count on us!

Gear Up For Grilling Season

Warm weather is finally upon us, and now is the time to get your grill ready for use. After a long winter of sitting indoors, there are a few steps that need to be taken to ensure that your grill is safe for preparing food.Get Your Gear For Grilling Season Is Here - Albany GA - Modern Gas Compnay-w800-h800

Do A Thorough Check

You need to look your grill over before putting it to use. Ensure that all of the pieces are there and look out for any rust or broken down parts. If certain areas are in too bad of shape, you will want to replace these before getting any type of grilling started. Look for signs of build-up, as well, and definitely check your hose to ensure that it is not blocked up or damaged. If it is in bad shape, replace it, as the hose can fairly easily ignite, putting you and any house guests in serious danger.

Clean Everything

After sitting for months, it is likely that your grill will need a good cleaning. Make sure any dust or excess debris is scrubbed off and that you are addressing every part of the grill. Also, check out the grease trap for anything that may have been left behind from last season. If everything is clean, kicking off that first grilled meal of the year will be a lot easier and the food will turn out much better.

Test It Out

By turning your grill on and checking everything out before starting any meal planning, you can ensure that everything will be good to go once you actually need to cook. Make sure all of the burners are functioning properly and check for any leaks or signs of damage. Once you know that it is running well, start inviting people over and get those summer parties started!

Load Up On Extras

If you are ready to go all out this summer, check out Modern Gas’s many options for grill parts and accessories. We have various tools, attachments, and spices that will enhance any outdoor barbecue. If you are thinking of adding kebabs, pizza, quesadillas, or countless other food options to your party, we have the tools you need to make that happen! Our brush sets are perfect for adding some flavor to any meal, and our wide variety of rubs and spices are sure to amp up your grilling game.

Also, keep in mind that, should any part of your grill need to be replaced, we likely have the part you need. Our products are top quality and we are happy to offer advice and services for whatever you may need. If you decide that a new grill is your best option, we can help you there, too! We have a wide variety of gas, electric, and charcoal options so you are sure to find exactly what you need.

Give us a call or stop on by our showroom today and get your grilling season started!

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