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Fireplace Tips

Cold temperatures have finally hit South Georgia and with that has come the cozy burn of fireplaces! Is your wood-burningwood fireplace fireplace ready? It will be if you follow these tips.

Burn only dry, seasoned wood

Make sure the wood you burn has been split, stacked and dried for 8-12 months. Cover your log pile with a tarp but be sure to leave the sides open for proper ventilation. The best woods to burn? Oak is at the top of the list, but we also love pecan, hickory, and maple. Remember – the drier the wood, the better!

Burn only firewood

You may be tempted to burn scrap wood such as leftover crates or painted woods, but these woods have been treated with chemicals that are released when burned. No one wants a house filled with toxins! Fire starters are great to use to get your fire started but only use one at a time.

Keep your damper closed when your fireplace is not in use

Hot air rises so keeping the damper of your fireplace open all the time will allow your heated air to escape through the fireplace. It’s very important that your damper is fully opened when burning your wood fire.

Install a chimney cap

Chimney caps prevent unwanted objects, rain, and snow from coming down your chimney. They also work to reduce downdrafts.

Make sure your chimney is cleaned

Creosote is an extremely flammable byproduct of burning wood. You can’t stop creosote from building up so to ensure safety, we recommend chimneys be professionally cleaned twice per year for households that burn more than three cords of wood per season.

Play it safe with detectors

Make sure you have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed near your fireplace and in each bedroom.

Fireplaces are a beautiful and efficient means to warm your home during cold weather. By following these tips, you will enjoy a safe and cozy season! If you have any questions about maintaining your fireplace, please call us at 229.435.6116! We will be glad to assist you.

All About The NFI

If you’ve worked with Modern Gas in the past, you may have heard that we hold NFI certifications. Three of our staff members are NFI certified and one even holds the highly-esteemed Master Hearth Professional certification! We like to highlight this so that it’s clear how dedicated we are to bringing you the best of the best. Yet, many do not know what the NFI is or how they help educate personnel throughout the nation.All About The NFI Image - Albany GA - Modern Gas Company

Learn more about this top-notch organization below, then contact us today for dependable service you can trust.

What Is The NFI? What Do They Do?

The NFI (National Fireplace Institute) is a non-profit organization that aims to educate and certify workers all across the country. When it comes to the ins and outs of your fireplace or gas system, there is a lot of information to know! And it takes regular maintenance and an expert’s eye to ensure everything runs smoothly year after year.

The NFI knows this which is why these programs are set in place. They give companies in this industry the knowledge they need to keep homeowners’ systems running strong and safer for use year after year – and you can count on them to stay up-to-date on everything!

Obtaining An NFI Certification

Gaining an NFI certification is no easy feat. Servicemen must go through training, educational assessments, and take an exam before they are granted this honor. And there are three different specialties (based on different fuel types), all of which require their own examination process.

Professionals must study and review extensively in order to pass the exam, and a successful score indicates they have the knowledge they need to serve you effectively. Many highly-esteemed individuals have put their heads together to create these comprehensive exams, and you can rest assured that an NFI certified technician knows their stuff!

And the hard work doesn’t end there! If you know anything about this type of maintenance, you know that techniques and regulations change from time to time. Due to this, servicemen are required to renew their certification every 3 years to ensure they are always up-to-date on the latest news. An NFI-certified individual will always have the newest tools and technology available to serve you as efficiently as possible!

Put Your Trust In Modern Gas

Modern Gas has been the trusted propane service company since 1954, and we will always be pushing to excel in this business. We install fireplaces, wood stoves, firepits, a wide range of gas appliances, and the list goes on and on! On top of that, we have everything you’re looking for to make your outdoor space look great. Stop by our showroom and check out our grills, pergolas, and fireplace accessories today!

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