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How To Plan The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Do you love hosting outdoor parties, but you hate making trips in and out of the home the entire event? Restocking food, prepping snacks, and bringing leftovers inside takes a lot of time and many homeowners end up missing most of the fun with friends and family.Why not invest in an outdoor kitchen? Your home will not only stay cleaner, but you’ll also always be in the middle of the action so you won’t miss a thing! However, there are lots of factors to take into considerations when deciding the right outdoor kitchen for you.

Location, Location, Location

First, you need to find the best spot for the outdoor kitchen. Moving an outdoor kitchen can be a pain as it’s usually fairly large. We’d hate to see you finally get your dream kitchen in, but then you realize the placement is not working out for your needs.

One of the biggest things to consider is where the location of your power and utility lines. You don’t want to interfere with any wires underground or overhead as this could pose serious risks. You’ll also want to consider the weather. Where do you get the most sun? We want you to be as comfortable as possible so pick a spot with natural shade and wind blocks for optimal enjoyment.

Finally, place the kitchen in a spot that won’t inconvenience guests as they walk through your yard. Also, it’s nice to have your outdoor kitchen fairly close to the indoor kitchen to make any necessary trips back and forth easier.

Keep It Practical

One of the best parts about today’s outdoor kitchens is that they come in a wide range of style and design options. There are plenty of options to choose from, and you will certainly be able to find one that fits your style and home. However, there are far more important things to take into consideration than the looks of the outdoor kitchen, you must also consider the function. Consider what materials work better in rainy weather and on extra hot days as well. Overall, you need your kitchen to stand the test of time!

Creating The Perfect Aesthetic

For the most enjoyment of your outdoor kitchen, you need to create the perfect atmosphere for your backyard. The team at Modern Gas Company can help you with that! We carry firepits, pergolas, outdoor furniture, heating and cooling products, and more, so we can help you achieve the perfect mood for your backyard.

Ready to get started on the backyard of your dreams? Talk with our team or call 229-435-61166 to learn all about our outdoor collection!

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space With A Firepit

Are you looking to amp up your backyard this summer? There are many things you can add or modify to get your space looking great. One great option is to have a firepit installed. There are countless reasons why a firepit is an ideal pick for any home. Check out just some of the many benefits bellows.

Enhanced AtmosphereOut Door Fire Pit - Albany GA - Modern Gas

A firepit will work well in enhancing the feel of any backyard setting. If you are hoping to have get-togethers and barbecues throughout the summer months, then a firepit is a great option for entertaining guests and keeping the air warm as the night cools down. Your guests will find it easy to relax and enjoy their evening around the fire and will be sure to be at any future parties you find yourself throwing.

Variety of Options

If you want to personalize your yard more towards your tastes, then check out the wide variety of styles on the market. Firepits can be constructed out of many different types of materials, so whether you would like clay, stone, or something else, you are sure to find something that fits in perfectly with your backyard’s current décor.

Grilling Abilities

One of the best parts about owning a firepit is its ability to be used for cooking. This makes any get-together a breeze as you can use one unit for all types of outdoor activities. Let everyone enjoy the fire until it is time to eat. Then simply slap on a grill and serve up dinner. Once dinner is through, remove your top grate and enjoy a calm evening around the fire. Or, better yet, roast up some marshmallows or other tasty treats.

Added Safety

Firepits allow for a more controlled fire, making them much safer for use than a lot of other options. They have walls surrounding them, meaning less sparks flying everywhere, and you can add protective coverings that help to prevent accidents, especially when small children or pets are around. On top of this, many firepits are controlled with knobs, meaning you can adjust the heat and fire level at your convenience.

Ensuring that your unit is installed properly will enhance any safety level immensely, so make sure that you call in a certified professional to do the job right. This way, you can rest easy knowing that any friends and family will be free from harm at your next gathering.

At Modern Gas Company, we offer a wide variety of options when it comes to picking out your new firepit and we have the tools and expertise needed to ensure the job is done right. Give us a call or stop by our showroom to see all of the choices we have to offer you.

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