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Smart Planning with Budget Billing

Modern Gas understands that planning your monthly expenses is crucial to any home budget. Our hassle-free budget billing plan calculates your gas usage for the entire year and allows you to make even, consistent payments for all twelve months. This free payment option works in conjunction with Automatic Route Delivery, so you don’t have to worry about special trip charges or out of gas situations. There are never any “surprise” bills due to a spike in increased service because budget billing takes all into account based on your service usage from the previous year. Let Modern Gas help you keep it simple with budget billing.

To enroll in budget billing for the year, you must contact us prior to July 1st.
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Qualifications & Specifics

  • The account must be paid in full in order to setup budget billing.
  • We prefer to have a 12-month consumption history but can work with you if it is not available.
  • Accounts are automatically renewed yearly (July bill) unless you tell us otherwise.

Lock In Your Rate with Contract Gas

Propane prices fluctuate, but you don’t have to worry about the potential of rising prices when you lock in your propane with our Contract Gas Program. This guarantees you a fixed rate for the months of October through March.

Call us today to sign up to lock in your rate.

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Qualifications & Specifics

  • Sign up for Contract Gas is between August 1st – September 30th.
  • Our Contract Gas is a 6-month program, beginning in October and ending in March.
  • This program allows you to decide how many gallons you would like to contract for the 6-month period, with a 200-gallon minimum.
  • If you choose to participate in this program, you will be locked in at a special rate of propane and a 25% deposit is required before the contract can begin.
  • Contract quantity must be delivered by March 31st. If gas delivery exceeds the contracted amount, current rate will apply to the exceed gallons.

Modern Gas is the premier provider of propane service for Southwest Georgia.

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