Organizing Your Refrigerator

Anyone who has ever cleaned out a refrigerator knows how tedious this task can be but with a few simple tips about how to organize a fridge, you can keep yours clean and running efficiently week to week. Knowing where to store specific foods will not only help you organize but will also help your groceries last longer! Use each grocery shopping trip as an opportunity to tidy up each week using these tips.

First things first – throw away any foods that are past their expiration date or leftovers that are past their prime. Then, wipe down your shelves, drawers and inside door using a soft cloth and an all-natural cleaner or soapy water.

Now, it’s time to organize! The best way to organize your refrigerator is according to the temperature environment in which each food type will thrive. Let’s look at the different zones of a refrigerator and what’s best stored there.

  • Lower Shelves – To ward off cross-contamination, all raw meats should be stored on lower shelves or dedicated drawers
  • Upper Shelves – Canned drinks, leftover meals, and easy-access snacks
  • Drawers – Typically, drawers are designed with adjustable humidity controls for fruits and vegetables. Produce that tends to rot (berries, avocado, etc.) needs low humidity while produce that wilts (leafy greens and herbs) require high humidity.
  • Door – Condiments and items that do not spoil easily are perfect for door storage. The door is the warmest part of the fridge, due to all of the many openings and closings, which means dairy and eggs should not be placed there. Store those items in the coldest part of your refrigerator.
  • Adjustable Climate Control Drawers – We love adjustable drawers that have the ability to go from cooler to freezer with the touch of a button. As a cooler, this is perfect for chilling wine, storing charcuterie boards before a party or keeping after-school snacks handy for the kids. As a freezer, store ice cream cake for your next birthday party, frozen pizzas for quick dinners or ice packs to cool down school lunches.
  • Refrigerator Tops – Some people store cereal and bread on top of the refrigerator, but this tends to be a warm spot so it’s best not to store food there.

Today’s refrigerators are designed with many options that make organization and efficiency a breeze! Adjustable flip-top shelving, custom temperature drawers, water, and air filtration systems, and Energy Star Certified are just some of the many features available to you when looking to buy a refrigerator. At Modern Gas, we are equipped with many brands and models to choose from as well a professional sales team ready to help you determine which refrigerator will meet your needs. Come by our showroom to look at the options available to you!