Keeping Up with Laundry

It’s Sunday – the day that is supposed to be reserved for rest. However, when you look around your home you find loads of laundry that must be done. You begin to sort through the colors, the hand-wash, dry clean only – wishing you could have a break, only for the dryer to buzz so you can begin the folding and putting away process.

Laundry can be daunting for anyone, especially when you are in charge of doing it for multiple people in the household. You could be washing anything from stained clothing to comforters and it may feel like your whole day will be taken up, but it doesn’t have to be that way by implementing a simple routine of sorting.

First and foremost, sort! Don’t mix colors; it doesn’t end well. Dark and light-colored clothing should be washed separately in cold water, unless the tag notes otherwise. But, save the hot water for white, because it’s better for removing dirt and keeping whites white.

While it may seem fine to combine all of these in the dryer, don’t do that either. The colors still have the potential to bleed and more delicate clothing, such as sweaters can come into contact with zippers and create for a real mess during the tumble process.

Second, don’t mix fabric types. We’ve all made the mistake of throwing jeans and a light t-shirt in the wash together, and we’ve definitely noticed the shirt comes out a little faded and the design is rubbing off. That’s due to the friction of the dense material mixed with the liter material. The simple fix is to just wash jeans entirely separate.

While these are two things the pros of house-keeping have learned, do what works best for your individual family and of course, what’s on the label.

With these new tips in mind, the washer can hopefully now be a friend instead of dreaded Sunday enemy. At Modern Gas, we are equipped with many brands and models to choose from as well as a professional sales team ready to help you determine which washer will help you meet your needs. Come by our showroom today and look at the options available to you.