Keep Your Outdoor Space Warm This Fall

Outdoor Warmth Autumn Image - Albany GA - Modern Gas Co.The Fall season is favored by many. Crunchy leaves, warm treats, crisp weather, and pumpkin carving are just some of the countless reasons why this season is such a great one. The one downfall is when cold weather gets the best of you, forcing you indoors. In a season where there are so many beautiful colors to see outside, the last thing anyone wants to do is spend their days inside the house.

Lucky for you, Modern Gas has the products you need to heat up your outdoor space fast! With everything we offer, you are sure to find a unit you can enjoy throughout the cold days and months ahead. Check out some advantages to purchasing an outdoor heater with us today.

The Gas Heater Convenience

Gas heaters offer a large amount of convenience to any living situation. Once installed, you simply turn them on, as needed, and you are good to go! They offer welcome comfort for friends and family, and guests will surely rave about them for weeks to come. You deserve to enjoy your backyard year round, which is why these units are such a great investment for any home!

These products also work quickly, so you won’t be left facing cold temperatures for long. Once they are switched on, your area will be warm in no time, allowing you and your guests to engage in outdoor fun well into the cold evenings and nights.

Modern Gas sells Heathrite gas heaters and they are a product that we believe in. They have temperature control, allowing you to adjust the heat levels as you see fit. It’s so simple! On top of this, we sell propane, so anytime you need a refill, we are just a phone call away. We want to make your outdoor space as comfortable as possible, which is why we go above and beyond for guaranteed customer satisfaction.


The units sold at Modern gas all have carbon monoxide safety features that ensure you and your loved ones are kept safe while using our heaters. The last thing anyone needs is medical bills to kick off the holiday season. By investing in our products today, you will gain the comfort you desire, while ensuring your family is free from any harm.

Call Us Now

Call us today for more information and to get answers to any questions you may be facing. There is also information on our website, and we welcome you to visit our showroom, as well! We pride ourselves on providing the best quality appliances for our customers, which is why they continue to turn to us year after year.

On top of our gas heaters, we provide grills, firepits, patio accessories, indoor fireplaces, and much more. One look at our line of products, and you will find everything you need for your next home redesign. We look forward to hearing from you!