Don’t Settle For ‘Good Enough’ – Shop Our Custom Grills!

We take grilling seriously here at Modern Gas Company, and we know a lot of our customers do, too. That’s why we carry custom grills from top brands GarrettGrills & Sikes Grill.

Go Pro With Garrett Grills

Known as the “home of the ultimate grown man grill”, GarrettGrills are custom built to be the best and most durable grills around. Whether you’re a caterer or a serious griller looking to rock some taste buds for a block party or a business event, GarrettGrills are sure to please.

Have your grill custom-built right here in Georgia, and enjoy a reliable, controllable, and convenient grilling experience. Some of the features you’ll find on a GarrettGrill are: retractable shelves, rib racks, side burners, fish cookers, and low-pressure burners. Are you ready for a serious grill that will last and last? Consider having a custom GarrettGrill made just for you!

Do It All With A Sikes Grill

If you’re looking for versatility and control, Sikes has just what you’re looking for. Due to the custom design and use of both indirect and direct heat, you can use your Sikes to grill, roast, sear, steam, fry, boil, and bake just about anything! Our aluminum and stainless steel grills are split to allow for slow-cooking and quick grilling, so whether you need to throw on some hamburgers, sear a steak, or slow-roast some ribs, your Sikes will make it easy and bring out the best in your food. Make the flavor of your food seem effortless with a Sikes!

If you have any questions about the custom grills we offer, feel free to stop by and see us or give us a call at 229-435-6116 – we look forward to assisting you on the quest to find a grill that’s just right for you!


Fish cookers and fryers will round out your outdoor cooking options and increase your enjoyment of the complete grill experience.

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