Get The Most Out Of Your Deck Or Patio With A New Grill


One of the many benefits of living in Georgia is that we have relatively mild winters along with hot and sunny summers. This weather combination is perfect for one great weekend pastime – grilling!

Whether you want to grill up a few steaks for a quick dinner, make burgers and brats for a large group of friends, or slow smoke a rack of ribs, a quality grill can easily become one of the most frequently used appliances in your home. Likewise, a great outdoor grill allows you to get the most out of your deck or patio, no matter what time of year it is.


Nothing brings family and friends closer together than spending time cooking around an outdoor grill. However, no one grill is right for everyone! Most people have specific pain points and must-haves when it comes to the style or type of grill they want. Because of this, Modern Gas Company carries a wide variety of grills to meet the needs of all of our customers. Whether you prefer cooking with charcoal, electric, gas, or pellets, we have the right grill for you.

In addition to our wide selection of grills, we also carry fish cookers and fryers. These tools are a great addition to any outdoor kitchen and can revolutionize the way you prepare and cook fish!

Grill AccessoriesGrill-Pro-Grilling-Accessories

Every great grill master knows that one of the keys to good grilling is having the right accessories. At Modern Gas Company, we not only sell grills but also carry the accessories to go with them. This makes us your one-stop shop for all of your grilling needs!

We carry a wide variety of grilling tools and accessories to help make your grilling experience even better. Some of the grilling tools and accessories we carry include Lodge Cast Iron cookware, brushes, jellies, lighters, marinades, rubs, and utensils. In addition, we also carry parts for many of the grills we have in our showroom.

Our Quality Brands

Not all grills and grilling accessories are created equal. Because of that, we pride ourselves in carrying only high-quality products that we know our customers will love. Some of the brands available at Modern Gas Company include Bayou Classics, Big Green Egg, Broilmaster, Fischer & Weiser, GarretGrills , Grill Daddy, Grill Pro, Holland, John Henry’s, Looftlighter, Louisiana Pellet, Paula Deen, R & V Works, Sikes, and Weber.

Find Your New Grill Today And Get Cooking Tomorrow!

A new grill can help you and your family get the most out of your outdoor space and create memorable meals all year round. Visit Modern Gas Company today to find your new grill (and everything you need to go with it) and start getting the most out of your patio, deck, or outdoor spaces! Call us at 229-435-6116 or stop by today!


Whatever patio, spa or outdoor accessory you want to make outdoor living easier and more enjoyable, you’ll find it at Modern Gas Company now.

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