Save Money With An Indoor Space Heater

Keeping your whole home warm in the winter can be extremely costly, especially if you only regularly use or occupy a few rooms. Instead of paying to keep otherwise empty rooms at a warm temperature, consider using an indoor space heater.

Indoor space heaters can help save you money by reducing energy bills, while still allowing you to keep your home at a cozy, warm, and welcoming temperature. If you’re ready to keep your home warmer at a fraction of the cost, check out our indoor space heaters!


Benefits Of Indoor Space Heaters

There are a number of benefits to using an indoor space heater to help heat your home:

Easy To Use & Portable

Space heaters are so incredibly easy to use – just plug them in and turn them on! Have an office with a lot of windows or another space that seems to get colder, faster? Unlike fireplaces or other heating devices, space heaters can be easily moved as needed. This makes them ideal for those who just want to add some quick warmth to a room.

Lower Energy Bills

When your house feels cold, the natural reaction is to turn the thermostat up. Unfortunately, this often leads to higher energy bills, especially during the harshest months of winter. Keeping the entire house at a comfortable temperature can be extremely wasteful – and costly – especially if you only spend time in one or two rooms during the day. Save money by using a space heater for zone heating, or for only heating the room you are presently in. By using a supplemental space heater instead of cranking up the heat in the whole house, you can keep your monthly energy bills lower without piling on the sweaters.

Hearthrite Gas Heaters

We are proud to carry Hearthrite Gas Heaters and are happy to recommend them to customers looking for alternative ways to help heat their homes. Hearthrite Gas Heaters are affordable and energy-efficient appliances for supplemental heating, and unlike traditional space heaters, a Hearthrite Gas Heater can keep working even if the power goes out! These gas heaters are perfect for providing safe, affordable, and reliable heat in any home.


Get Your Gas Heater Today!

Whether you want to lower your energy bills or just keep a specific area of your home warmer, an indoor space heater can help! Keep your family comfortable this winter – visit our showroom today!

If you have questions or would like directions to our showroom, please give us a call at 229-435-6116!


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