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Gone are the days of bright blue flames, plastic fireplace logs, and barely recognizable heat. Modern gas appliances have made massive leaps in the looks department and are efficient heat sources that can save homeowners both time and money when compared to other fuel sources. Because of the ease of use, affordability, and accessibility, gas is the perfect choice for the modern family.

Benefits Of A Gas Appliance

gas logs in displayIf you’ve never considered adding a gas appliance to your home, now is the perfect time to do so! There are a number of unique benefits to using gas, including the following:


Gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, and does not add to the creation of smog or acid rain. On average, homes using all gas appliances have a carbon footprint that is 43% lower than that of an electric-only home. In this one instance, the eco-friendly choice is also the most convenient!

Cost Effective

Operating a gas appliance is relatively inexpensive, and since natural gas prices are typically more stable than other energy sources, it can be much easier to budget for potential energy costs.


Gas is one of the most efficient fuel sources you can use for your appliances. Most gas appliances use 90% or more of the energy created by the gas. In contrast, electricity uses only about 30% of the energy produced, with the other 70% lost in transmission and distribution.


Having power during inclement weather is important. Gas appliances keep running no matter what the weather is like outside – even when the power is out!

Quick & Easy

A major selling point for gas is that it makes enjoying a fire quick and easy: there’s no fuel to store or stack, no fire to stoke, and no flames to wait up on. With a gas appliance, you’ll simply switch the fire on and off!

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Whether you need a fireplace, grill, water heater, or another type of gas appliance, Modern Gas Company is the right choice to meet all of your gas needs! We sell, deliver, install, and service gas appliances throughout the greater Albany, GA area and have the training and experience to tackle any challenge you may be having. Call us today at 229-435-6116 or visit our showroom to learn more about how a gas appliance can benefit you and your family! Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff can help you find the gas appliance that is the right fit for your home and budget.


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