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Many homeowners are tired of the heat loss and inefficiency of their existing wood fireplaces and are looking for more eco-friendly, resourceful options. If you’re tired of losing heat up your chimney and you’ve had just about enough of chopping and storing wood, why not have a pellet insert installed? Pellet inserts can be perfectly fit to your fireplace opening, reducing your energy and heat loss and breathing new life into your existing hearth.

Fueling your fire with pellets instead of wood allows you to enjoy the high-heat output and natural flame you’ve grown accustomed to, but without the mess and required storage space. You’ll also enjoy easy ignition, temperature control, and a lower-maintenance lifestyle!

We Carry Top Brands: Quadra-Fire & Harman

In our showroom, you’ll find beautiful, highly efficient, and clean-burning pellet inserts from Quadra-Fire and Harman, two of the industry’s finest manufacturers. These products are factory-tested and built from cast iron or steel, so you know they’ll serve you well year after year.

Stop by our showroom here in Leesburg and see these gorgeous inserts for yourself! Our expert staff is ready and willing to help you choose the perfect addition for your home heating needs. If you have any questions, please call us at 229-435-6116!


The right fireplace tools and accessories can increase the enjoyment and efficiency of your fireplace experience. Come by our showroom to see what we mean!

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