Don’t Run Out Of Propane This Winter!

We’re in for a couple cold months ahead, so if you’re looking to stock up on propane for your household needs, then now is the time to do it! At Modern Gas, we believe in propane. It works efficiently, saving you time and money, and it produces less toxins than other heating products in the market. It’s also one of the cleanest fuels around and it’s affordable, too!

As you can tell, we love propane, and we’re excited we have the opportunity to sell and deliver it to countless homes and businesses throughout the Albany area. We urge you to buy now, so that you’re set for any bad weather that may show up in the near future. Learn more by giving us a call today!

How To Check Your Tank

If you need to check the status of any tanks you currently have on hand, we can help you out with that. Each tank indicates how much the tank itself weighs and how much propane it can hold. Once you have that information, just weigh it on your bathroom scale, subtract the weight of tank, and there you have it – that’s how much propane is left!

For example, if your tank is 20 lbs and it can hold 16 lbs of propane, then a full tank will weigh right around 36 lbs on a bathroom scale. If it’s closer to 20, you’re running low, and it’s time to call on us!

Tips For Proper Storage

When it comes to storing tanks of propane, there are a few important things that you should keep in mind. First of all, never store your tanks indoors – not even in a shed or garage. It may seem like a more convenient and easy way to go about things, but doing so could put your home and family in harm’s way, should a leak occur. Not only will loved ones be inhaling toxic fumes… you’ll also be at a high risk for fire! It’s definitely not worth taking any chances.

Also, be sure to cover your tank, then store it upright and off the ground. This will keep it free from moisture, which could cause rust to form, harming the tank and threatening its overall efficiency. Some worry about keeping the tank outside in extreme colds, but this shouldn’t cause any issues. Just follow these tips, and you should be all set this winter!

Modern Gas Is Here For You

Like we said, when it comes to propane delivery and service, we’re the team to turn to! Along with this, we sell and install countless gas appliances for your home, as well as firepits, fireplaces, outdoor spas, pergolas, and lots more. Stop on by our showroom for a closer look, and feel free to give our qualified staff a call today – we can answer any and all of your questions! What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone now!