Buy A Hot Tub Today!

When looking ahead to the cold and possibly snowy months that are quickly approaching, buying a hot tub is probably the last thing anyone would think about doing. But, not only are hot tubs are a perfect addition to any home, they are great to use year-round, in any type of weather! What could be more ideal than watching snow fall while you are relaxing in the warm, bubbly comfort of your own personal hot tub? There is never a wrong time to purchase one.

modern spa hot tub - modern gas Benefits of Hot Tubs

  • Relaxation: Hot tubs are known for their ability to lower stress levels. With the comfort of the warm water on your muscles and the jets working to ease your nerves, owning one sounds idyllic after a long day at work. And there is always room for more people if friends and family help you unwind! Invite someone over and have a venting session while you both take in the benefits of the warm tub.
  • Reduce Soreness: Whether you labor hard at work all day or are trying to ease the pain after a strenuous work-out, a hot tub is the place for you. Jets works hard to massage your muscles and the heat in the hot tub will work to loosen any tensions throughout your body. On top of that, they often significantly reduce pain, allowing you the opportunity to clear your head and reflect on the day.
  • Exercise Safely: If you have regular pain, such as arthritis, hot tubs offer a safe way to exercise and stretch your muscles. They allow you to keep up regular movement, which eases stiffness, while offering a wider array of motions due to the water. Hot tubs also work to increase circulation, adding another way your body can loosen up and move more freely.

Hot Tub Care in Winter

As long as you keep up on it regularly, hot tub care is easy and definitely worth the perks.

  • Hot Tub Covers: A hot tub cover will insulate your unit throughout the cold months, helping to keep it running smoothly and reduce your heating bills. It will also serve to protect it from any outside elements that could cause wear and tear to the structure of the hot tub.
  • Clean The Filter: The filter in a hot tub affects how efficiently the water is flowing and can affect how the heating system in the unit is running. If a filter is too dirty it could stop water flow altogether causing your hot tub to completely shut down.
  • Watch Water Levels: If the water gets too low during the cold months, your hot tub could face some serious issues. Your pumps could stop working, which will cause the water to stand still and quite likely freeze. Your hot tub, as well as the pumps and parts that help to run it, could get damaged if freezing occurs.

Modern Gas has all of the products and services you need for installing and maintaining a hot tub. Call us today and see what we can do for you!