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The holidays are almost here and so is the mad dash to prepare for the kid’s events, work parties and most importantly… the holiday meals! Grocery lists, to-do lists and even Santa’s list will grow longer while it seems the days get shorter. With everything that’s on your mind, it may be easy to forget a few key things that help make the holidays easier in the kitchen – but we’ve got you covered!


Before you even begin to think about menus and baking, do an appliance checkup. Check anything you plan to use; this includes grills, turkey fryers, ovens, stovetops, refrigerators and freezers to make sure they are working properly. While inspecting your oven, check its temperature, and if need be adjust the temperature using the owner’s manual or repair manual. While you’re at it, give your appliances a quick wipe down to make sure they are looking pristine. In the event you find an appliance is no longer working, you’ll know ahead of time and can make arrangements to purchase something new before the hustle and bustle begins. Don’t forget to make sure you have enough propane to use your gas-powered appliances. No one wants the oven to run out of fuel during the best eating season of the year.


Now that you know everything is ready to go, it’s time to get to cooking. Sometimes it’s easy to forget, but you can cook two things at once, if you position the racks accordingly. When making your menu, see what items require the same temperature and similar baking times and put those two in the oven together. This may call for some rotation halfway through the cooking process, just to make sure everything is browning evenly, but it certainly helps in the long run.


Double ovens are a popular kitchen feature as they allow you to cook dishes simultaneously! Most double ovens operate for efficiency and allow for two separate cooking temperatures. You can have your chicken cooking on 450, while your potatoes are set at 350 in the bottom.


A smaller appliance that packs a big punch when preparing large meals is the warming drawer. Not only is it able to keep food safely heated while you enjoy pre-dinner conversation with your guests, but these drawers are excellent at proofing homemade bread and slow roasting succulent vegetables. They also can create the savory goodness of a slow- cooked beef dish if you just aren’t in the mood for the crockpot.


From Halloween to New Year’s Day, nothing beats the foods of the holiday season. As you prepare for the busyness ahead, come by the Modern Gas showroom and let our team of knowledgeable sales professionals help you get holiday ready. Our kitchen appliances are great investments – not only for the holidays but for every day of the year. Happy Cooking!


Never Run Out of Hot Water Again!

“Mom, the hot water is out again!” Is this a common phrase used in your household? It feels as if there’s just never enough hot water for everyone; someone is always on the receiving end of cold water. Modern Gas has the solution to this pesky problem. It’s simple – yank your hot water tank and install a Rinnai hot water heater.

Having all the hot water you need will no longer be an issue.You can wash dishes while someone else is showering or doing laundry with no tears that someone had to take a cold shower because of it. The reason behind it? The Rinnai tankless hot water heater heats water as it passes through the Rinnai internal heat exchanger, making sure it never runs out. But it only operates when hot water is needed so it is energy efficient and uses 40 percent less energy than a traditional tank heater, making it affordable for all.

Not only will the Rinnai Tankless Hot Water Heater leave you feeling prepared, but it looks better too.Rinnai takes up less space than a tank and it’s modern, sleek design is pleasing to the eye. The entire system is only the size of a small suitcase which means it can be installed in small, compact locations inside or outside.

The biggest benefit to installing a Rinnai system will come in the form of saving you money.Rinnai and the local installation team offers rebate and financing options, so everyone can enjoy having hot water on demand. In addition to that, the tanks are energy efficient and cut CO2 emissions, making them eligible for tax credits. Everyone can use a few dollars back during tax refund season.

We’ve seen consistently that installing a Rinnai Tankless Hot Water Heater is truly worth the investment. The skilled professionals at Modern Gas will not only ensure the delivery and installment of your Rinnai system goes off without a hitch but, thanks to the Rinnai WiFi monitoring capability, we will also make sure it runs smoothly for years to come. Come by our showroom today and see if the Rinnai is what your home has been missing.

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